There are also bonuses as explained below:

Writers can earn bonuses if clients’ rate their work positively.  Working with us consistently while maintaining high-quality earns you points.

– Payments are made twice a month:
Between 1st and 3rd and between 15th and 18th.
*The jobs that were done from 1st to 15th are paid on 1st of the next month
*Those done between 16th and 30th are paid on 15th the next month.
– Finally, one can ask for an advance payment, but it must not exceed 50% of the amount earned and due to be paid in the next payment period.
Quality of Work and Deadlines:
Do not forget to maintain quality of work by avoiding PLAGIARISM, keeping deadlines, tackling orders comprehensively and as requested by the client, proofreading your work, quality references and referencing, and addressing revisions accordingly.
– Failure to follow these guidelines will result in unending revisions, which may lead to cancellation of your order (you are not paid for the order and it may attract a fine depending on the damages caused).
– Refusal to work on a revision attracts a fine of equal amount to the order’s price.
– Revisions must be tackled within the shortest time possible as they usually have short deadlines.
– Although working from different locations, we are a team and we need to mind about one another. One writer’s mistake, negligence, or poor quality e.g. plagiarism or not meeting instructions affects all. Always have this in mind whenever you are working on any order.
– Always communicate in case of any issue, regardless of how challenging or controversial it is.